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Enjoy your summer vacation and come back fast – Interesting RWE to be published this year

Last summer the readers of my blog guessed that the number of real-world evidence (RWE) studies published during the year (2021) would be about 1,500 pcs. Currently, the PubMed database covers 1,290 published RWE studies in 2021 (on June 1st, 2022, searching with the words "real world evidence").

"Approximately 1 300 RWE studies were published in 2021."

In 2020, the number of published articles was just under 1,000 (969 pcs), which means that the number of RWE publications has grown by 25% in a year. In this context, one can assume the increase in the number of scientific publications in general – which is true at least in certain disciplines.

To find out the possibility of an error in the percentage, I looked at the number of publications related to arterial disease in the PubMed database (on June 1st, 2022, searched with the word "atherosclerosis"). Arterial diseases are in a discipline of medicine, as well as RWE research.

About 8,700 scientific articles were published on arterial disease last year and 8,100 pcs the year before. Thus, the increase in the number of publications related to arterial disease was 7%, which is significantly lower than the increase in the number of publications in the RWE sector.

"The number of blog post views is showing interest in Finnish registries."

As I write this, Health From Data contains 12 published blog writings. The most popular of the blogs is "What are Finnish registers made of? Four ingredients for success", which has the biggest number of page views in both Finnish and English language. This is a wonderful demonstration of the interest in Finnish registries and the opportunities they offer for RWE.


Interest in RWE has grown exponentially over the past ten years. Most of the publications on the topic have appeared during the previous few years. In 2021, a total of 1,300 scientific articles were published on RWE. The number is 25% higher than the number of articles published one year earlier. The number of scientific publications has increased in most fields of medicine. The increase in the quarter indicates an exceptionally high level of interest in RWE.

Like last year, I'm announcing a vote to my readers – guess how many RWE studies will be published this year (2022)? I'm grateful to receive your answers here.

Liisa Ukkola-Vuoti
Liisa Ukkola-Vuoti
on 21 June, 2022

Topics: Future, History