Health From Data

Liisa Ukkola-Vuoti


Liisa Ukkola-Vuoti,


Scientific Advisor


Welcome to the Health from Data -blog! I write about current topics related to real-world data / real-world evidence and the many possibilities of utilizing this research data, from a practical point-of-view. Furthermore, I explore the Finnish RWE research landscape which has undergone changes in the past years due to new legislative developments. I have over ten years of experience of working as a scientific advisor and research scientist. I hold a PhD in medical genetics, and I find the therapeutic areas related to neurology and psychiatry particularly interesting.

RWE provides information for many needs

Real-world evidence (RWE) studies are usually started with a specific use for results in mind. However, the amount and significance of the evidence generated in the RWE studies become clearer during t...

What happens to a patient in real life is visible through Real-World Evidence

The real-world evidence (RWE) study makes visible what happens to a group of patients in real life, as the leap it takes away from the patient's bed gives a broader perspective on what's happening. Wi...